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I am just a mess. Nothing more, nothing less.

I got a couple of gift cards for Amazon for my birthday which I am thankful for those people that gave me them, but I’m just upset because I can’t buy drugs with Amazon gift cards.  I have only $3 to my name but I have plenty on Amazon  :(

Ready to enjoy my birthday; maple brown ale, pumpkin hard cider, mead, a few strains of bud, blunts.

Pic from when I was mulling the mead

Mulled mead and a blunt.  Happy birthday to me

" I would come over and help, but I just smoked a ton and am high as fuck so I can’t and am not going to move. "

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Hindu Kush

P.S. -  I prefer local grown simply because this is what nug’s are after packaging/shipping look like.  It’s dank AF tho haha


oh my god

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My man’s Celso