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I am just a mess. Nothing more, nothing less.


I threw up

I saw. 

That moment when your dealer invites you over to sample.

PS: Also he looks like Snoop Dogg.

What my doctor told me…

Today my doctor told me I should not get a job for at least three weeks.  I’ve been trying to get a job but I guess I’ll just keep not having one or having any money.


East coast grown GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)

Genetics: OG Kush X Cherry Pie (Durban Poison X GDP) 

-This is my very first post. This was an amazing grow of an amazing strain, plus being able to smell a whole properly cured pound of it was great because I love its smell

Everything you see here is legal.  Maeng Da Kratom, Phenibut, Kava Kava root powder, blue lotus extract, 3000 Morning glory seeds, and Etizolam.

I wanna get another bottle of this, 


My last nug of White Lavender :(


I was so happy that my friend asked me to help him trim his White Lavender harvest.  The hash we made afterwards was incredible; earthy, yet sweet with the most energizing and creative high I’ve ever had from BHO or any other type of hash.

Dabs out of a great hitting piece and Foxy Moxy(5-methoxy-diisopropraltryptamine).

My relaxation drink, 4 mg’s Klonopin and 200 mg’s Vistaril mixed with green tea ginger ale.

" I don’t care or give a fuck about your views
Shit, I should’ve replaced Glenn Beck in Fox News
Because I can propagandize and bullshit, too
Spread hate, divide a country, and fabricate the truth "

- Swizzz

That sad moment when you realize you aren’t drunk and have almost no alcohol left.

Probs shoula taken the pic of the Codeine 30 before I started railing it…

Flexeril 10mg’s each, Hydo’s 7.5mg’s each, a Codeine 30mg, and 5 grams Maeng Da Kratom. (Ignore what the scale says)

My favorite pictures of my bro supermaddd that I took