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I am just a mess. Nothing more, nothing less.


depression unter We Heart It.



Sour Headband = Sour Diesel x Headband

  • Wow, can’t believe my pic this got this many likes

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" Nothin’ to do and no where to go-o-oh I wanna be sedated "

- Sedated - The Ramones



Shout out to @dabwizardarmy always hooking it up with the best gear and gifts from @heisenbergz_com and @evilbundles

check out for awesome dab gear

Well I think I’ve been too many “relaxation drinks”


tumblr logic: if you don’t take a picture of your drug(s) you’re obviously lying about getting high.

What I’m going to crush or pour into ginger ale and down it after it all dissolves.  Six 1mg Clonazepam(Klonopin) & Ten 50mg Visaril (Hydroxizine)

The trap table.

  • 120 - 1mg Klonopin
  • 120 - 50mg Vistaril
  • 12 - Fioricet 50/40/325
  • and half a gram of shatter

Throwback pic of a cross joint

     If there is a god of any or all religions I am going to hell.  I strongly believe that the fundamentals of all main religions are good even though I am not religious.  However I will do my best at all times to be good and kind to people, but I am going to sin like crazy and enjoy it either way.

My Mom

So my mom is feeling significantly less negative about me not smoking.  It helps with migraine’s (that doctors prescribe me very weak stuff for because of my drug use), I’m nicer and more positive to her, and I clean her house as well as my room regularly.


GSC, a pipe, and Tumblr. All I need to keep busy on a Thursday night


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Where I chill

Pills on the table

  • 120 - 50mg Vistaril
  • 120 - 1mg Klonopin
  • 12 - Fioricet (which contains butalbital)