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I am just a mess. Nothing more, nothing less.


there is literally no-one I actively speak to on a deep level any-more and it seems as though any social interaction I have just slowly becomes a plea for attention

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40 mg’s crushed Addy

I think I’m ready for the night. 

     Top to bottom; three 1 mg Clonazepam (Klonopin), 200 mg’s                   caffeine, four 50 mg Hydroxyzine (Vistaril), one Fioricet, two 5 mg             Oxycodone, and four 1 mg Etizolam. 

Cannabis smoke rings

Today was my first day at my job in over a year because of school.  It was tiring, crazy, and a ton of work.  But at least they raised my hourly wage!

"Carry me, monster hands!"

Got home from my first day at work in over a year like…

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"All I’ve had today is like six gummi bears and some scotch."

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On the left is Rainbow Diesel, on the right is Sweet & Sour Diesel.

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I got one hundred 1 mg pills of my favorite brand/version of Etizolam (Etizest-1-MD) in the mail today, I’m so excited.  Plus I have some pumpkin ale left


My babay

I love your cat bro


my locket can barely close.

Always gotta be prepared when leaving the house

Pics from messing with one of my housemates last semester